Snowed pro down jacket ready?

Suddenly the snow people really feel the feeling of a night into the winter, quickly put down jacket to wear on the body, in everyone's impression, to cope with such a plum temperature down jacket is the most reliable. So cold and love the beautiful MM, how to wear down jacket fashion sense?


Clean, pure white, I do not know the clothes against the background of the snow, or snowflakes decorate the clothes, the two merge with each other, forming another winter scenery. Soft hooded design, splicing Ou Gen yarn fabric, creating a very taste of the palace retro style.

下雪了 亲们的羽绒服准备好了吗?

Full of tension orange, highlighting more warmth, full collar design with lotus leaf decoration, highlight the elegant neck while avoiding the invasion of the wind, the chest embroidery splicing break monotonous, increase the three-dimensional, short Edition models wear more personal, easier to match.

Photo credit: Mulu Women's 2013 winter new products

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